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We are a Malo Clinic®

Discover All-on-4® Implants in Western Victoria

Face & Smile is proud and honoured to be selected as the world-renowned MALO CLINIC's Western District exclusive Victorian branch.
We treat patients from Ballarat, Geelong, Bendigo and surrounding regions as a certified MALO CLINIC; the original inventors of the revolutionary All-on-4® dental implant protocol.

If you’re fed up with irritating dentures or problem teeth, this well-known All-on-4® treatment solution offers a cost-effective advanced technique – that attaches an entire arch of teeth via only four supporting implants, all in as little as one day!

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We are a DSD Clinic®

Digital Smile Design® Revealing Your True Essence

Face & Smile are proudly one of just a handful of official Digital Smile Design® clinics in the world. Most importantly, this means we have the leading-edge training, technology and equipment to treat you using accredited and internationally recognised Digital Smile Design® techniques.

The Digital Smile Design® treatment concept - developed by Brazilian dentist and dental ceramist, Dr Christian Coachman - harnesses powerful imaging technology and software to accurately design, plan and communicate your smile makeover treatment in a fun and enlightening way.

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Join Dr Brian Johnston and the Face & Smile team in Ballarat, Bendigo or Geelong to learn more about the amazing MALO CLINIC All-on-4® Treatment Solution.

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We've compiled a quick and easy guide on what you need to know about All-on-4® Treatment in Geelong...

A fast-growing city just over an hour’s drive southwest from Melbourne, Geelong is a vibrant multi-cultural municipality on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula.

Geelong offers everything you’d expect from a thriving metropolis, in addition to the important health and well-being benefits of 'country-meets-seaside' living.

Yet, a fully-accredited All-on-4® MALO CLINIC in Geelong, readily available in Sydney and Melbourne, hasn’t been accessible to the people of Geelong until now...

Face & Smile are excited to be expanding our All-on-4® implant dentistry, full mouth restoration, full arch replacement and MALO CLINIC All-on-4® services into the Geelong region.

 Couple discussing All-on-4 dental implant treatment Geelong

Treatment Rooms for All-on-4® in Geelong


Our Director, Dr Brian Johnston, treats Geelong All-on-4® implant patients from the specialist oral & maxillofacial surgical consulting rooms of Mr Richard Wood.

This exclusive professional partnership in Geelong, offers All-on-4® dental implant patients the quality care and world-class treatment guaranteed by the MALO CLINIC; inventors of the All-on-4® Treatment Protocol.

Extensively and personally trained by All-on-4® creator and pioneer, Paulo Malo – and now selected as Victoria’s exclusive Western District MALO CLINIC – Dr Johnston brings international expertise and experience to performing All-on-4® implant dentistry in Geelong.     


Understanding All-on-4® Dental Implants in Geelong

We offer many All-on-4® dental implant resources on our website, listed here:

  1. Most important, is to consider attending one of our regular live information sessions in Geelong.
    You’ll get an opportunity to ask questions and speak in person with Dr Johnston in Geelong about All-on-4® dental implant treatment and find out if it’s right for you...

    Free Information Evening on All-on-4 in Geelong - Register to attend >


  2. Learn more about Face & Smile’s global MALO CLINIC affiliation and why All-on-4® Dental Implants from a certified MALO CLINIC are unique >

  3. Discover ‘What is All-on-4®?’ in more detail >


  4. Read our All-on-4® FAQs for answers to common All-on-4® questions >


  5. Download your personal copy (no sign up required) of implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare’s All-on-4® Patient Brochure >

  6. Lastly, schedule a private consultation to see Dr Johnston in Geelong about All-on-4® dental implants and find out if they’re a viable treatment option for you: Contact Face & Smile to book now >

Replacing Dentures with All-on-4® in Geelong


In short, All-on-4® treatment in Geelong provides patients who have no teeth, or are soon to have no teeth, or who have very little or no bone left, the option to receive a fixed full-arch of prosthetic teeth – in as little as one or two days.

Generally considered more durable and long-lasting than dentures or conventional bridges, All-on-4® dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Four special titanium All-on-4® implants from Nobel Biocare are placed in the jaw bone, tilted by up to 45 degrees, to provide the strong foundation to efficiently attach an entire row of replacement teeth.

The angled implants avoid the need for bone-grafting and the associated long healing time.

If you have some bone loss, All-on-4® dental implants are ideal - given that they’re carefully positioned to take advantage of denser sections of jaw bone, while avoiding the lower jaw nerve canal and upper jaw sinus cavities.  

So, if you live in or near Geelong and you have many missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures, then the innovative MALO CLINIC All-on-4® dental implant solution is a life-long, cost-effective way to recover your smile, gain natural-looking teeth and restore your chewing function.

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What’s involved in All-on-4 implant treatment in Geelong?


Excitedly, the MALO CLINIC All-on-4® implant treatment protocol continues to evolve for Geelong patients seeking a permanent fixed solution for your dental rehabilitation and restoration.

Dr Johnston and the Face & Smile team look forward to helping you learn more about this life-changing procedure. 

Therefore, when we see you for the first time in our Geelong All-on-4® MALO CLINIC rooms, we’ll determine your medical criteria and suitability for All-on-4® treatment. We’ll schedule and perform the necessary CT scan required before procedures of this nature.

Next, we’ll review and meet with our dental technicians, then together we’ll pre-plan the ideal All-on-4® treatment for your oral condition and discussed all your options with you.

After that, you’ll be required to sign a consent form, outlining the risks involved with All-on-4® treatment and that you understand and have been informed of the risks.

Then, if all’s well, we’ll book you in for your All-on-4® implant surgery in Geelong.


Why choose a MALO CLINIC for your Geelong All-on-4® implant treatment? 


Aside from the direct initial training by Professor Paulo Malo, Dr Johnston’s Geelong MALO CLINIC is integrated with a global network of MALO CLINICS, all with access to the latest MALO CLINIC research and developments in dental implants as well as ongoing training on new protocols and technique being devised.

Importantly, this training and R&D offer first-hand advancements that Geelong All-on-4® dental implant patients can now take advantage of via the Face & Smile team.

The extremely high-quality All-on-4® dental implant-supported arch and components mimic natural teeth in strength (sometimes stronger for patients with failing teeth), and can look more pleasing than natural teeth, based on colour and tooth shape selections.

All-on-4® delivers a huge benefit for our Geelong patients in aesthetics and also comfort.

Plus, there’s the economic advantage of saving time with a streamlined procedure, rather than taking a year to complete numerous multi-step implant treatments, which could also cost more in the long run…

Please note: Many Australian dentists offer their own variety of the ‘All on 4’ or ‘All on Four’ dental implant procedure. However only the MALO CLINIC All-on-4®️ Procedure obeys a specified protocol for placing implants correctly using high-quality materials to achieve a 98.5% success rate, and offers a worldwide MALO CLINIC guarantee.

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 Information evenings All-on-4 dental implants

Brian Johnston All on 4 dental implant dentist in Geelong

Dr Brian Johnston

Dr Johnston has a true passion for helping his patients achieve a fantastic natural smile that suits their face and unique personality.

Trained as both a Digital Smile Design Master and MALO CLINIC certified dentist, Dr Johnston is at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry and restorative All-on-4® implant dentistry in Australia.