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Curious about creating your new smile?

If you’ve ever thought about enhancing your smile, then now – more than any other time in human history – is the time. Today’s cutting-edge dental technologies, in the hands of Face & Smile’s highly-skilled dental professionals, are revolutionising your cosmetic dentistry choices.


A new smile could restore your confidence and, in doing so, enrich your life.

From fixing a tiny chip in your front tooth with a veneer, reshaping your gums or whitening away unsightly stains, to completely restoring crooked or deteriorated teeth, Face & Smile are expertly equipped and qualified to provide world-class cosmetic dental solutions. To any degree of complexity.

Partnering as one of only four official Digital Smile Design® (DSD) Clinics in Australia and New Zealand, Face & Smile are excited to provide this revolutionary treatment planning concept to you.

Face & Smile’s Digital Smile Design® Clinic and Studio combines the power of innovation with the art of dental aesthetics to beautify your smile in a way that you, quite literally, will see to believe… 


Read about our official Digital Smile Design® partnership and purpose-built facilities.