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Healthy smiles and strong teeth


To experience great teeth for life, a good relationship with your family dentist is vital.

The Face & Smile team are committed to providing you and your family with the highest quality of dental care, leading-edge dental treatments and accurate health information.

Regular dental check-ups will monitor the health of your teeth, with the goal to prevent dental problems as you enjoy life.

Dental care for your family

At Face & Smile our Children’s Dentistry team believe in teaching children effective oral hygiene at a young age to set them up for a life of good health and happiness. Plus, as parents, you’ll reap the benefits of having a healthier, happier child – not to mention lower dental bills.

Likewise, in providing quality dental care for the whole family, we treat all ages, across every stage of life.

Our focus on preventing dental problems, through our Dental Hygiene services, plus catching small issues before they progress, via our General Dentistry treatments, will help establish a strong foundation for your family’s oral health. 

Let’s help ease your anxieties

Fear of undergoing a dental procedure stops anxious patients receiving treatment when they need it most. Putting off seeing a dentist may worsen the problem, intensify your fear and increase the amount of dental work you require when, eventually, it becomes unbearable...

Fortunately, at Face & Smile we offer approved patients of all ages, the assurance of smooth and painless dental treatment with sedation dentistry.

Under full anaesthesia, you’ll sleep through the appointment, to wake up with the whole procedure complete and over. All major dental work, including implant dentistry, All-on-4® dentistry, surgical dentistry and some general dentistry treatments, are only performed on fully sedated patients.

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