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Digital Smile Design®: Revealing your true essence


Face & Smile are proudly one of just a handful of official Digital Smile Design® clinics in the world. Most importantly, this means we have the leading-edge training, technology and equipment to treat you using accredited and internationally recognised Digital Smile Design® techniques. 

The Digital Smile Design® treatment concept – developed by Brazilian dentist and dental ceramist, Dr Christian Coachman – harnesses powerful imaging technology and software to accurately design, plan and communicate your smile makeover treatment in a fun and enlightening way.

Such interactive Digital Smile Design® technologies offer a truly world-class patient experience.

Plus, with a clear design plan to work from, your entire treatment team know exactly how you want your new smile to be.  

Face & Smile: A state-of-the-art Digital Smile Design® clinic.

We’ve invested in a complete Digital Smile Design® refurbishment in Ballarat. In fact, we’ve remodelled with the latest revolutionary 3D-imaging technologies and advanced treatment rooms at 602 Mair St, Ballarat.

Within our new ultra-modern facility and photography studio, we’re equipped to show you your potential smile transformation before any physical dental treatment begins.

Using accurate treatment plans, accelerated by cutting-edge technology with amazing visual insights for patients, Face & Smile are excited to bring this exclusive cosmetic and rehabilitation dentistry to Ballarat and western Victoria.

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