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An undeniable revolution in smiles


Digital Smile Design® is a revolutionary dental treatment planning technique that uses digital photography, dynamic video, 3D scanning and state-of-the-art software to record and analyse your face, jaw and teeth in preparation for restorative or cosmetic dental work.

By creating a 3D simulation of an authentic ‘virtual you’, Digital Smile Design® empowers you to understand and actively participate in your treatment decisions – with various treatment possibilities offered for you to explore and consider.


In fact, because your treatment journey is digitally planned, from start to finish, in perfect detail – the end result is highly accurate. Any complications or risks are analysed and addressed on the computer before any physical treatment starts.


Just like an architect designs a house to fit a geographic location and meet the homeowner’s desires, your DSD dentist designs your smile to suit your facial features and achieve your new smile aspirations.

You’ll co-author your smile transformation for a result you really want, not what your dentist prefers.