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Terms and Conditions

Website Information Disclaimer

Face & Smile’s website, www.faceandsmile.com.au is a lively online resource being constantly updated, and as such, the information contained within is strictly protected by copyright.

Importantly, all information provided on the Face & Smile website is of a general nature only. Under no circumstances should information on this website be regarded as direct Dental or Medical Advice; therefore, you will be required to seek advice from a registered Health Care Professional.

Limited Complimentary Consultations

The following initial consultations only are provided free of charge for New Patients:

  • All-on-4® (AO4) Dental Implants Consultation with our Treatment Co-Ordinator; designed to provide detailed information regarding the AO4 procedure.
  • Digital Smile Design® (DSD) Consultation with our certified DSD Master Dentist, Dr Brian Johnston; designed to provide detailed information about DSD treatment planning.

Dr Brian Johnston works closely within the Malo Clinic for AO4 treatment. Dr Brian Johnston is required to send digital recordings and photographs of your progress throughout your AO4 journey to the Malo Clinic laboratory in Melbourne to make your labwork look and feel the best within your mouth.

Dr Brian Johnston works closely with a multidisciplinary team of DSD professionals located in Madrid, Spain. On some occasions it’s necessary to provide the DSD team with your digital assets – taken from your Digital Smile Design® consultations and further appointments – to help achieve the best possible result from your treatment.

All dental treatment procedures at Face & Smile are performed in accordance with the Australian Dental Association requirements, set out by the Dental Board of Australia, under the direction of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, and are carried out competently and with good practice (within our general scope).